The Jo Daviess County Geographic Information System is an enterprise system that assists Jo Daviess County departments, offices, and officials by developing, maintaining, and providing digital GIS data, analysis, support, and products to improve efficiencies, assist with decision-making, and provide quality services to the public. This online interactive mapping site provides GIS data access to citizens, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other government entities.

Public Access is free to all users. It has base map information such as township boundaries, road centerlines, and corporate boundaries.

Subscription Access is available to subscribers from the public, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other government entities wishing to view more detailed geographic information such as parcel information, addresses, orthophotography, topographic features, and subdivisions data.  

Government Access is used by Jo Daviess County employees and officials.

Please note that large amounts of data are potentially transmitted during a user's session on this mapping site. The time required for maps to load into your browser will depend on your Internet speed and the amount of data being requested.

The browsers listed work best with the mapping site.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not provide full functionality.

Jo Daviess County GIS/IT Department
Phone: 815-776-9297   Email: gis@jodaviesscountyil.gov   Website: https://jodaviesscountyil.gov

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